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The Best Blues for Your Beach House

You’re never going to suffer from beach house blues when you choose one of the Glenn Layton homes in Atlantic Beach FL, but you may want to use some beachy blue paint colors in your home. After all, beach homes that embrace the colors of the coast are often the most comfortable and appealing. Blue is an obvious choice, between the water and the sky, so here’s how to find the perfect blues for your beach house.

A popular place to start is the front door, not to mention the ceiling of the front porch. A soft sky blue or robin’s egg blue on the door, against sand-colored walls and white trim really embraces the coastal dream. Plus, the light blue on the porch ceiling gives you the feeling of still being under the big blue sky when you’re outside, but making the most of the shade.

Inside, you can use blue just about anywhere, including the floor! Choose a deep sapphire blue rug for your entrance foyer or even paint the floor of a sitting room or part of the back patio floor in a rich deep blue or softer mid blue for some fun and liveliness against brilliant white walls and colorful throw pillows in vivid colors.

If your kitchen is primarily white, add some splashes of color. A lime green backsplash goes perfectly with a kitchen island base that is painted a cerulean blue. If you have a dining table in the kitchen area, consider painting the base and legs a rich navy blue or a bright and cheerful mid-range blue. Match the chairs, either by painting them or pulling in the color in seat cushions or coverings.

Bathrooms have frequently been various shades of aqua, which is still an option, especially if you set it against contemporary design and avoid using the aqua color on the tiling. You could use it on the vanity cabinets, bath mats, or even as part of a modern wallpaper design, such as large tropical leaf prints.

Muted gray blues add a touch of elegance to a room and create a cool atmosphere, especially nice during the hot summers. This shade could work beautifully in a more formal living room and pairs surprisingly well with a range of colors, from natural wood pieces to bright red accents.

If fun and casual is more your aesthetic, why not go for a sunny, bright spring blue that is almost like those crystal blue waters you find in some coastal areas. This is a great color for an entry foyer or even hallways and it certainly works well in children’s rooms.

Finally, with a renewed interest in vintage Art Deco and Art Nouveau, consider a shade of blue like Tiffany blue with a bit of age on it for a stylish, vintage bedroom. Whether on the walls or used on the fabric for a clamshell-curved headboard or for bedroom furniture, such as side tables and dressers, you’ll be calling to mind the glamour of the coastal cities of the past.

These are just some of the shades of blue you can introduce into your homes in Atlantic Beach FL. With a Glenn Layton home, just about any blue will look good, and our design team is happy to help you find just the blues that work for you!

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