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Things to Consider When Building on Your Lot

Glenn Layton Homes is a custom home builder in Jacksonville that specializes in building on your lot. When you work with them, they will consult with you to help you find the ideal lot if you haven’t already, helping you weigh the pros and cons. With their help, you can feel confident that you’re getting a top-quality home on an excellent lot. If you’re finally ready to take the big step to build on your own lot, here are things to consider.

We all know the location, location, location mantra when it comes to real estate and that includes the lot you choose. Make sure the area surrounding your lot is zoned for residential building, rather than commercial or even agricultural. Even if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, it’s still important to make sure you don’t have to travel too far to get to work, school, medical care, shopping, and entertainment. Not only is it important for your own quality of life, it also impacts the eventual resale value of your home.

Even if you’re building within a master-planned community, it’s worthwhile to check on where your neighbors will be. Are you in an ideal section of the community or are you in the part that may be closer to the main roads. If you’re on the edge of the community, find out in advance what could go in on the land bordering the community.

One of the aspects of building on your own lot is the option to choose your home’s placement within the lot. However, there are often limits or setbacks that determine how close to the edge of your property you can build. Depending on the lot size, this can impact your home’s placement and may limit some of your dreams and ideas.

If you are building within an existing community, then you’re less likely to have trouble getting utilities set up and run to the home. However, if you’re building on a lot outside of a community, it is vital to understand how you will get things like electricity, gas, water, waste, phone, and internet to your home. If there is nothing set up nearby, getting these utilities could prove to be prohibitively expensive and time consuming.

One issue that people don’t often think about is natural resource rights. Water, mineral, timber and access rights may throw in some surprises. Just because there’s water on your land doesn’t mean you own the rights to the water and you may find yourself with specific regulations regarding how you use and build on your land.

Also, don’t forget about home owner associations and similar groups if you’re going to be building within part of a community. They may have certain design restrictions.

Fortunately, when you work with Glenn Layton Homes they will help you understand any issues associated with the lot you are considering. They’ll guide you on the cost of clearing the lot, and the cost of running utilities and what utilities are available. They will also help you understand your lot’s topography and whether it will need fill dirt or other issues to make it viable for building. Finally, they can look at the topography of the lot, including its size, and explain to you how the lot could impact the design of the home you’re planning.

Glenn Layton Homes also has resources to find and show you lots for sale in the area if you are just getting started, including in some of the exceptional communities in which they build. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a custom home builder in Jacksonville. Their expertise, experience and dedication to building quality homes on stable lots ensures you’ll end up with a dream home on the perfect lot.

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