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Tips for Creating Indoor/Outdoor Living

Custom Ponte Vedra FL Homes

When it comes to being a custom home builder in Jacksonville FL, we pride ourselves on building some of the best coastal homes you’ll find anywhere. We understand the need to create a home that fits perfectly into its environment and makes the most of everything from views to cross breezes. That’s why we’re experts at creating homes that focus on indoor/outdoor living. Think about how you want to live in your new custom home and choose one or more ways to incorporate indoor/outdoor living into your new home.

Regardless of how you choose to use the indoor and outdoor spaces, you should aim for a seamless transition. This typically includes a wall of glass doors that can slide, fold, or swing individually to ensure you always have a full, open view, whether the doors are open or closed.

Another way to create a seamless transition is to use the same or similar flooring between the two areas. Tile is popular for its durability, but you could still use wood, if you choose interior and exterior wood flooring that will complement each other. You could also choose wood flooring inside and out with a decorative tile section that joins the two areas, adding style, as well as function.

Of course, for a truly seamless arrangement, try to decorate the two areas in a similar fashion. You don’t have to match indoors and outdoors exactly, but follow the same color schemes and try to use some similar decorative aspects in both areas, whether it’s lights, side tables, and overall design aesthetic.

Increasingly, people are using their outside areas as extensions of their living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. You could choose to have an interior living room that leads out to a casual dining area, complete with outdoor kitchen. Alternatively, you could simply make your living room even larger, creating multiple seating areas indoors and out. With the options available now, especially with covered patios, you can turn your outdoor area into another family room, complete with TV and fireplace to make the most of the space throughout the year.

Ultimately, whatever you choose to use your outdoor area for, make sure the flow is smooth and consistent and try to define certain areas if you’re planning on having a multi-function indoor/outdoor area. Think carefully about the arrangement to make the most of the space so that you’ll be comfortable inside and out. Fortunately, when you build with Glenn Layton Homes, you get a custom home builder in Jacksonville FL that understands exactly how to help you achieve this easy flow, giving you the home of your dreams.

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