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Top Tips for Designing a Kitchen

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a brand new home or renovating your existing kitchen, there are certain aspects to keep in mind to ensure you have a space you will be comfortable in for years to come. After all, the kitchen is the heart of so many homes. Fortunately, when you work with Glenn Layton Homes, a leading home builder in Jacksonville FL, you will have a great team to help you create the perfect kitchen. They also do renovation work if you are already in a home and want to update the kitchen.

If you have young kids, definitely think about traffic flow. It’s important even without young kids, but to keep things safe, try to keep the cooktop out of areas where children are likely to be passing and may catch handles and cause dangerous spills. You also want to think about where the refrigerator is located, ensuring it is easily accessible for people just passing through but still within easy reach when cooking.

You also want to keep walkways fairly wide, especially around the cooking areas, to ensure the safety and ease of people passing around stove tops and oven doors. There should be at least 48 inches of walkway space between the cooking area and the kitchen island or other cabinets/cupboards. The more space people have to pass each other while cooking, the safer and more comfortable it will be.

Similarly, you want a kitchen that is easy to use. You don’t want to be walking back and forth to get needed items, so try to group items together where they’re going to be used. Put plates, glasses, and silverware near the dishwasher to make emptying easier. Keep cooking utensils at hand by the stove so everything is within arms reach, and also make sure you keep oven gloves or similar tools at hand, as well. Think about how you use the kitchen and try to keep items in areas where they’ll be easy to find and be conveniently located. You may want to create your own coffee bar with mugs, coffee, tea, sugar and similar items located by the coffee maker. Even if you usually store the sugar in another area in the pantry, consider keeping a smaller, decorative but still useful sugar bowl by the coffee maker to make life easier, especially before the coffee has kicked in first thing in the morning.

In addition, you’ll want to ensure you have sufficient counter space next to all appliances to allow for items to be put down briefly while cooking, such as space next to the stove for spoons, spatulas, and trivets for placing hot items out of the oven. You’ll also want some counterspace next to the fridge to pull out all of the ingredients without having to start juggling.

If you have a microwave or some other cooking tool that younger kids are allowed to use, make sure it’s stored at a safe and convenient level for them, while still making sure adults can reach it as well. When considering your refrigerator, you may also want to keep certain child-friendly drinks and snacks at their level.

Almost every kitchen has an island now, but think about how you want to use it. Will it have a cooking surface, will it have a sink, or will it just be for storage, preparation and dining? If you will be cooking on the island, as well as dining, make sure there’s enough space between the diners and stove to keep everyone safe. You’ll also want to plan the type of storage in your island based on how you’ll be using it. Will drawers be more useful or will cabinets with and without shelves be handier?

Don’t forget electrical outlets. Coffee makers, blenders, mixers, food processors, kettles, and more require outlets. Plus, if you have a TV or use tablets in the kitchen frequently, you’ll need somewhere to plug them in and/or charge them. Think about where you’re going to use these items and make sure there’s an outlet nearby in a safe location.

Knife blocks run the risk of unhealthy buildup inside the slots, but drawers can make knives too easily reached by little ones. A magnetic strip on the backsplash, especially where you tend to do your prep, may be an ideal option, also freeing up drawer space for other items.

Finally, don’t forget about recycling. It’s important to have designated areas to make it easier for the whole family to follow through on recycling. Having a neat, organized set of containers for relevant materials will be good for your kitchen and the earth.

These are just a few ideas to keep in mind when designing your kitchen. You’ll also want to think about colors, focal points, and lighting options, as well as countertops and appliances. Fortunately, when you work with Glenn Layton, a leading renovator and home builder in Jacksonville FL, you can count on the end result being a place where you’re happy to spend time.

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