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Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxury Hotel Room

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Whether you’re looking for a custom home builder in Jacksonville Beach for a brand new dream coastal home or are just looking for some renovation work, Glenn Layton Homes is the team you want working with you. They understand how to make a home or even a room look like a luxury resort, while also incorporating those elements that turn a fancy hotel into your own personal oasis. When it comes to the final decoration, here are some style tips to incorporate that give a room a look of high-end luxury.

While the bedding may not be visible — because designers recommend making your bed first thing for a luxury feel at the end of the day — it is important to choose quality bedding. Obviously, your bed and mattress should be comfortable and provide the comfort and support you need, but you also want quality linens. In fact, linen is becoming one of the new favorites for bed sheets, although bamboo has plenty of admirers too. Don’t be afraid to mix materials, either. Use linen for the bed, but use silk for the pillowcases. They’re better for your hair, plus they just feel cool and refreshing when you relax into bed at night. Finish off with a bedspread or fluffy duvet that complements your bedroom’s decor.

Next up, consider your lighting. While you may read in bed and need good lighting, a quality bedside lamp should usually do the job. As a general rule, you want to keep the lighting in your room softer and more atmospheric, rather than a harsh glare. Look for warm-tone bulbs and lamps with soft fabric shades. Even if you do have overhead lighting, look for something that is stylish and strong enough to see by but soft enough to create a relaxing and even romantic atmosphere.

Your bedroom is often best left with a sense of minimalism. The idea is that fewer items mean fewer distractions to keep you from a good night’s sleep. However, you can get a little creative with the paint — and this is definitely a room where you can get away with dark colors — but try to keep the decorations to a minimum. An elegant bench that can be used for storage placed at the foot of the bed is useful but still stylish and doesn’t overwhelm the room. In fact, it can help fill up some of the space so the bedroom doesn’t feel too empty. When it comes to the bedside tables, a suitable lamp, perhaps a small pot or two of succulents or a small vase of flowers, and a decorative bowl for jewelry is all you need. Though this is why bedside tables with drawers are useful, as they hide the things that don’t scream luxury, be it tissues, remotes or sleep masks.

While the room should be fairly minimalistic, don’t skimp on the art. Paired pieces over the bed — or even a trio or a large work of art — help put the focus on the bed. However, don’t be afraid to include additional art. Sometimes a series hanging vertically on a narrow wall adds a nice finishing touch or a large piece over a lower dresser will take the chill off the room.

Finally, even if you have carpet in your bedroom, add a rug on each side of the bed. Sheepskin (faux is perfectly acceptable) is a longstanding favorite because of its soft, lush feel, but even smaller Persian or Moroccan rugs can add a touch of interest without being overwhelming. They also let you pick out some accent colors that really add to the room’s overall appeal.

These are just a few of the ways you can turn your bedroom into a luxurious retreat, worthy of the best hotels. Still, by putting in your own personal touches, whether it’s in artwork, rugs, wall color, or bedspreads, you’ll create a place that feels personal, rather than impersonal. With the help of Glenn Layton Homes, a custom home builder in Jacksonville Beach, you’re sure to end up with a bedroom that people would pay top dollar to stay in — and it’s all yours!

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