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Ways to Use Your Extra Rooms

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It’s not uncommon these days to see home designs with built-in flex rooms. What used to just be a den or an extra guest room is now being marketed — and rightly so — as a room where you can use the space for a variety of purposes. From home office to crafts galore and everything in between, today’s extra rooms make your homes more adaptable to your lifestyle, letting your home grow and change with your needs. This is especially true when you choose Glenn Layton Homes, a leading home builder in Jacksonville Beach FL.

Certainly, you can always turn your flex room into a bedroom, which can up the value of your home, depending on how many bedrooms you currently have. Glenn Layton Homes builds homes that typically meet all of your basic needs and more, which means that a flex room can be used for much more than just another bedroom. With a wealth of bedrooms already, the way you use the flex space may add even further value and appeal to your home.

One of the most common uses is as a media room. Add in a large-screen tv, a huge, multi-sectional sofa, surround sound, enough coffee tables, side tables and footstools to service a crowd, and some gaming equipment and you’ve got a space perfect for marathon gaming sessions, binge watching the latest series, or enjoying a film on a nearly cinema-size screen with all of the comforts of home. Add in some related decorations and perhaps a wet bar and popcorn maker and you won’t miss the cinemas any more. Best of all, this is a space that can be used for family time or for kids to have a safe place to hang out.

On the other hand, if you’re not worried about kids needing a game room and you’re a bibliophile rather than a cinephile, you could turn your flex room into a dream library. Every booklover has dreamt of having a room lined with books and filled with comfy chairs and footstools and the right lighting to be able to curl up with a good book and forget about the outside world. Add in a coffee maker or electric kettle for tea or hot chocolate — or a bar trolley and wine fridge — and you could have the perfect escape room that you want to stay in for as long as the pages last.

With gyms being hit or miss these days, people are increasingly turning flex spaces into home gyms. You have the benefit of choosing your own music, not having to worry about someone hogging the equipment, and you can customize it to your personal fitness needs, ultimately at a fraction of the cost of a gym membership where you may not use a fraction of the equipment. Add in a wall of mirrors for form, include a tv for ways to pass the time while on various equipment or for a huge array of exercise videos. If you enjoy floor exercises, but find a yoga mat too thin, add the kind of padding you need to feel comfortable. Don’t forget a mini fridge for cold drinks or sports gels or whatever helps get you through a workout or makes you feel better afterward.

Depending on where the space is located and the ages of your children, you could always use it as a dedicated play room. Not only does it give your children plenty of room to play in a variety of ways — from dress up to master artist — but it also encourages them to keep the bulk of their toys in one area, slowing or stopping the migration of toys into every other part of your home.

Finally, use it as a multipurpose space. Musicians in the family can use it as a place to practice or jam with family and friends. A good-sized smart TV, some open floor space, and some gaming equipment means the space can also be used for exercise, gaming, and movie night. Best of all, as your needs and interests change, the space can change with you. When the kids move out, turn it into an artist studio if you’ve always dreamt of having a space to explore your creative side. Or do it while the kids are still there and encourage them to explore different artistic mediums, as well! The options are nearly endless when it comes to a flex room, which is what makes them so appealing.

Glenn Layton Homes, a leading home builder in Jacksonville Beach FL will be happy to work with you to create one or more flex rooms that can serve whatever purpose you have in mind. We work closely with you throughout the process to design your ideal home. Use the rooms to plan your excursions for lost treasure or use them as a beautiful display for your own existing collections or whatever works best for you. With this extra space, you have the freedom to explore just about any idea and make it a reality.

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